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Pizza making

Pizza Master Chef educated and acknowledged in Italy, Pavle Branković, has founded Pizzagram with the idea to offer you something new and more qualitative than the things you are used to when pizza is concerned. Get familiar with your new favourite meal: pizza made in alla Romana way.

Pizzagram concept

Eating this pizza is a path to your heart

Polselli flour

Polselli flour

Polselli is an Italian familly company which is the leader in the production of flour. We use the flour type 00, that is the gold standard when making pizza dough. Taste the difference with every bite.

Mutti tomatoes

Mutti peeled tomatoes

Mutti products consist only of fresh, dark red, Italian tomatoes ripening on sunny fields where neither fertilizers nor herbicides are used. Thus the freshest and most qualitative tomatoes, without unripe parts, are used for Mutti products without loss of taste and aroma.

Prosciutto di San Daniele

Prosciutto di San Daniele

Pork prosciutto from San Daniele village, Friuli Region, is one of the most famous and most qualitative Italian prosciutti. It is made from pork leg, which is salted and dried in the wind for 16 months. It is characterized by extremely mild flavour.

Cutting at right angle

Pizza rich in toppings

Owing to its structure, the dough is capable of bearing far greater quantity of toppings on it and be nonetheless baked just right.

Grana Padano cheese

Mozzarella Di Bufala

Mozzarella made of buffalo milk is more rarely present than mozzarella made of cow milk; it has richer flavour and it is creamier.

Pizza on totally different level

Airy dough

At first sight, dough is thicker than the standard pizza dough but it is actually an extraordinary airy structure of dough. At each bite the crusts merge and the result is extremely light pizza.

Airy dough

Extraordinary crispiness

Great quantity of toppings

Top-notch imported ingredients

The main characteristic of pizza made "alla Romana" way is the extraordinary crispiness of each slice owing to the making procedure when the dough is baked three times before it is served to the guest.

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