Fundamentally different pizza

It is served hot from the oven in rectangular shape and it is not like any other pizza you have tasted so far. Each ingredient, even the smallest one, is of premium quality so that you would say at first bite: This is it!


Pizza in teglia alla Romana is the full name of the pizza made by Pizzagram and it represents one of the most widespread types of pizza sold by the slice. Its origin is from the bread and it happened when a group of bakers tried out different versions in order to make their bread more beautiful.

Idea of
pizza Master Chef

Pavle Branković, who possesses a multitude of certificates issued by outstanding authorities in the world of Italian pizza, has realized the complexity of the procedure and the obligation to take care of every little detail so that the final outcome would be something totally different from the fast food pizza Belgrade is used to.

For all of you
who expect more

Pizza can be as a qualitative meal as are the qualitative ingredients we use for its preparation. It becomes the meal of outstanding quality when we use the top-notch ingredients in its preparation.